MMA star McGregor expresses 'regret' for melee

Mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor arrives for a court hearing stemming from his April attack on a bus full of UFC fighters at Barclays Center

New York (AFP) - Irish mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor made a brief court appearance on Thursday stemming from his role in a loading dock melee and later expressed "regret" for his actions.

McGregor, 29, has been charged with multiple counts of assault and criminal mischief after attacking a bus filled with UFC fighters at the Barclays Center in April.

McGregor's attorneys and prosecutors are discussing a plea deal and a Brooklyn Criminal Court gave them more time on Thursday to work out an arrangement.

McGregor was ordered back in court on July 26.

The MMA star apologized in a statement following the court appearance, which lasted just a couple of minutes.

"I regret my actions that led me here today," he said. "I understand the seriousness of this matter and I am hopeful that it gets resolved soon."

McGregor then left in a black SUV.

McGregor faces up to seven years in prison if convicted on all counts but he is not expected to receive such a severe sentence.

McGregor was released on $50,000 bail following his arrest over the frenzied attack on a bus of rival fighters that injured two athletes.

The Irishman pocketed around $100 million for the superfight he lost in August in Las Vegas against ex-welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather.

Their matchup was one of the richest boxing bouts of all time.

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