New Starbucks 'sanctuary' in Bali features working coffee farm and greenhouse

©Agence France-Presse

Starbucks has opened what it is calling a coffee sanctuary in Bali, designed to take guests on a seed-to-cup experience with a working coffee farm, seedling nursery and greenhouse. 

The largest Starbucks store in Southeast Asia, the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary opened over the weekend in the premium retail district on Sunset Road, as a tribute to Indonesia's coffee heritage. 

Along with being the fourth-largest Arabica coffee-growing region in the world, the country is also known for its single-origin Sumatra coffee. 

Designed to guide customers through the seed-to-cup coffee-making process, customers can tour a 1,000-square-foot coffee tree farm and try their hand at de-pulping, washing, drying, and raking green unripened coffee beans. 

An interactive video wall also teaches customers about the coffee-making process. 

The space is designed to reflect its unique Balinese heritage with traditional local, Indonesian art: wood carvings depict the country's six coffee-growing regions and their local culture and architecture, and a two-story mural pays tribute to Indonesian coffee farmers. 

The main floor houses the 13-meter teak Reserve bar, where customers can sample rare, small-batch Reserve coffees. 

The Coffee Sanctuary marks the 10th Starbucks Reserve Bar in Indonesia, and is one of 185 stores around the world.