News ⚡ — 29 October Tuesday


Adobe restores service in Venezuela, apologizes. Apple and Disney streaming services to break TV budget records. Kim Jones on designing luggage for Rimowa.

1. 🙇‍♂️ Adobe restores service in Venezuela, adds three months for free as an apology | The Verge
Following on an executive order from the US government to prohibited trade with Venezuela, Adobe restored use of Adobe CC accounts in that country among other services that were previously halted by said order.

After obtaining a license from the US government to continue operating in the South American country, Adobe has offered an extra free 90 days of service as an apology and is looking to contact users who had already cancelled their subscription.

2. 📺 Apple and Disney are creating an explosion of TV series budgets | Quartz
According to the Hollywood Reporter, budgets on some episodes from the Marvel series appearing on Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service will break the $25 million mark. This tops the most expensive episodes of both of See on Apple TV+ (15-17 million) and Game of Thrones on HBO (15 million). In other news, independent feature filmmakers are weeping gently out of jealousy.

3. 🧳 What Kim Jones learned designing luggage for Rimowa | Vogue Business
The artistic director at Dior Men recently designed a five-piece capsule collection for German luggage maker Rimowa that includes suitcases as well as a made-to-order Champagne case that comes with a leather ice bucket, champagne flutes and no less than six bottles of Dom Pérignon.

If successful, Jones hopes the capsule will lead to the introduction of a luggage category at the iconic fashion house.

4. 🥩 Helping Alt-Meat Grow Some Muscle | The New York Times
Where traditional lab-grown meat looks like a mush of protein and fat, which is perfectly fine for burgers and meatloaf, scientists have found a new way of growing meat so that the texture more closely resembles the fibers we’d expect of cuts like steak.

5. 🛫 Apple In Discussions to Upgrade United SFO Terminal | Bloomberg
Apple is discussing potential airport renovations with United Airlines to upgrade its terminal in San Francisco. In case you are raising an eyebrow or two, this move might make a lot of sense for both parties. Apple brings years of expertise for consumer experiences and products, whereas United is often derided as a subpar airline (to put it nicely). Perhaps this potential collaboration will showcase how companies can think horizontally and use the tools that make them great to benefit other industries.

We’ll iCheer to that, American airports are a dreary experience and this could spark new innovations in the airport and travel space.

6. 🎧 Apple unveils new AirPods Pro with noise cancellation | 9to5Mac
Apple revealed the new AirPods Pro, an updated and more versatile version of the original hit product. The new headphones are both smaller and noise canceling, improving on the prior version which lacked any soundproofing. The case also features wireless charging, a neat addition if you are already an adept Qi charging master.

In case you had some money left over from shelling out your liver for the latest iPhone 11 Pro, these new toys will run you a cool $249 USD. With Christmas just around the corner, you can probably just add it to your list and pray someone picks them up for you.

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