Spots in Brazil and Australia among CN Traveler's picks for top destinations of 2020

©Agence France-Presse

Condé Nast Traveler has released its picks for the top 20 most exciting destinations to visit in 2020 which includes the far reaches of the Canadian Arctic to one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. 

Destinations on the "20 Best Places to Go in 2020" offer "big reasons" to visit in the year 2020, editors say. 

They include predictable choices like Japan, which hosts the 2020 summer Olympic games, and Dubai, which hosts World Expo Dubai next year, alongside destinations that will celebrate historic milestones or open new, highly anticipated cultural institutions.

For example, the opening of the National Museum of African American Music puts Nashville on the list as does the 800th anniversary of the St.-Etienne Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Metz, France. 

The opening of the Northwest Passage has paved the way for new tours in the Canadian Arctic, "the world's last and most pristine wilderness" while Slovenia is described as a low-key hideaway in Europe perfect for crowd-averse travelers and nature lovers. 

Here are the top 20 destinations to visit in 2020 according to CN Traveler (in alphabetical order) 

1. Armenia 
2. Bahia, Brazil 
3. Botswana's Salt Pans 
4. Canadian Arctic 
5. Canary Islands, Spain 
6. Copenhagen 
7. Dominica 
8. Dubai 
9. El Chalten, Argentina 
10. Guyana 
11. Metz, France 
12. Mokpo, South Korea 
13. Nashville, USA 
14. Okinawa, Japan 
15. Rwanda 
16. Slovenia 
17. Sri Lanka's Southern Coast 
18. Southeastern Australia 
19. Southwest Michigan 
20. Tangier, Morocco