Kufang: Community illuminated by street lights but without electricity

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The noise pollution that emanates from power generators in the day time and at night has become a predominant decimal in Kufang, one of the densely populated areas of Jos metropolis.

Kufang is known for its solar powered street lights, its distinct tarred streets that connect residents to highbrow areas of the state and Federal Low Cost Housing Estate as well as the new layouts of Rantya. While most parts of Kufang is illuminated by the solar powered street lights during the night, sadly, only residents and shop owners with generators can afford electricity at night.

Residents of the community have said that for several years, electricity in the area has been unstable due to a faulty or low capacity transformer.

Benue/Plateau Trust gathered that in the last six months, the people have been wallowing in darkness only to be rescued by generators, rechargeable lanterns and candles. It was also gathered that a new transformer installed in August 2019 had only functioned for two weeks before it broke down and was evacuated by officials of Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC).

Dominick Illya, a resident, who spoke to our correspondent attributed the community’s electricity woes to an overloaded transformer. He lamented that the transformer also supplied electricity to numerous households outside Kufang such as parts of Dadinkowa and Sparkling Junction.

Illya, who claimed he spends about N500 daily to fuel his generator in the evenings, suggested that a permanent solution to the problem could be achieved through the installation of at least two transformers.

Another resident of Kufang, Vou Pam, wondered why the faulty transformer was yet to be fixed and returned to the community adding that, “if we cannot get two transformers to reduce the loads at least they should fix and return the other transformer then ration the electricity”.

Meanwhile, some community mobilizers have commenced a house to house contribution of N500 to facilitate the installation of another transformer but their efforts are not paying off as some residents complained that money contribution was already becoming monotonous especially when the distribution company insists that purchase and management of power assets are their responsibility.

Reacting to the development, Acting Head of Communication, Jos Electricity Distribution Company, Saratu Aliyu, said the transformer for Kufang was undergoing repair at the company’s workshop and would soon be ready. Aliyu said the company has had fruitful meetings with the affected communities and urged them to be patient as their transformer will be restored as soon as it’s fixed.

So, as the people of Kufang continue to hope for better days ahead, they can now only enjoy the solar powered street lights which continue to illuminate their major roads at night and provide visibility to roadside sellers, pedestrians and other persons involved in night-life activities.