Fake-news media’s White House pick Avenatti is bound for the big house

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WASHINGTON. Two weeks after President Donald Trump was acquitted by the US Senate on bogus charges he committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the man, Michael Avenatti, that the fake-news media told Americans possessed gravitas and embodied presidential timber was convicted for real crimes. ##### A creepy porn lawyer

Porn star Stormy Daniels with attorney Michael Avenatti. NBC News screen capture.

Attorney Michael Avenatti, famous for representing fading porn star Stormy Daniels, was convicted of, among other crimes, attempting to extort millions of dollars from sportswear company Nike Inc. You may recall that in 2018, Avenatti filed suit on behalf of Daniels to vacate the 2016 Non-Disclosure Agreement she signed with the Republican candidate, now president, Donald Trump. It included a $130,000 payment, with Daniels agreeing not to speak publicly about her sexual liaisons with Trump in 2006. ##### Porn star Stormy Daniels forced to pay Trump legal fees in failed suit

Avenatti also sued Trump for defamation over the president’s many derogatory tweets aimed at his client. Like one in which Trump called Daniels a “horseface.” But a federal judge, in liberal la-la land California no less, dismissed both suits and ordered Daniels to pay the president $293,000 in legal fees. ##### Fake news vs. Fox News

According to the conservative media watchdog NewsBusters, Avenatti was the guest of “broadcast and cable news networks… a whopping 254 times” in 2019. Though a failure in court, Avenatti’s actions on behalf of his adult film-star client proved embarrassing for Trump, thus capturing the hearts and minds of the American media. Why? Because the man is known to many as the “creepy porn lawyer” he received a verbal lashing at the hands of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. ##### Why the long Horseface, Stormy? Anything to do with attorney’s fees?

For much of the media, Carlson’s treatment of Avenatti elevated the attorney to the status of a martyred saint; with the Fox host’s penetrating questions serving as nails mounting Avenatti to a cross. ~~~

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviews Michael Avenatti. Fox News screen capture.

In his interview with Carlson, Avenatti jumped to the defense of Deep State spies who began the Trump/Russia collusion disinformation campaign with the media’s support. ##### “We should not be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Vladimir Putin and choosing Russia over the hardworking men and women of the intelligence community that risk their lives for this country.”

That’s when Carlson asked what no one in the mainstream media dared: ##### “Does it bother you that the Obama administration authorized spying on American citizens connected to a rival [Trump] presidential campaign?”

And what was Avenatti’s answer? ##### “Why is it that you don’t call Donald Trump the creepy porn president. He’s the one that had sex… with my client, without a condom.”

Brian Stelter to the rescue

Michael Avenatti explores presidential run in Iowa. MSNBC screen capture.

It was his deflection of the Spygate issue that seemed to increase the creepy porn lawyers standing in the eyes of the media. And never more so than with the talking heads at CNN. CNN’s Brian Stelter told Avenatti, ##### “Looking at 2020, one reason I’m taking you seriously as a [Democratic presidential] contender is because of your presence on cable news.”

But Stelter expresses some concerns over Avenatti’s threat to sue conservative news outlet The Daily Caller (founded by Fox’s Tucker Carlson) for its less than flattering stories regarding him and his client. Stelter referred to Avenatti’s threats as examples of “Trumpian tactics… trying to drive a wedge” between journalists. ~~~

CNN's Brian Stelter interviews Michael Avenatti. CNN screen capture.

But Avenatti was quick to alleviate Stelter’s fears, stating that he and the fake-news media were kindred spirits. ##### “I don’t think all journalists are created equal. I don’t believe many journalists adhere to the same standards as you and others. For instance, as CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Just like all attorneys are not ethical, all journalists do not adhere to the requisite standards of journalism.”

Having satisfied Stelter with his Trump-Derangement bona fides, the CNN host ended his interview with a line Avenatti might well have used in a future political ad or proudly emblazoned on a campaign bumper sticker: ##### “I don’t think you seem that creepy, but that’s just me.”

The fall of media narratives and a creepy porn lawyer

Special Counsel Robert Mueller. ABC News screen capture.

The probe surrounding Trump/Russia collusion fizzled after the release of reports by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. ~~~

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. CBS News screen capture.

~~~ The Mueller team found no evidence any American, let alone Trump, conspired with Russia to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency. And the Inspector General’s office found the Clinton paid-for anti-Trump dossier – political opposition research manufactured by British spy Christopher Steele – was improperly employed by the FBI to secure FISA court warrants to open a counterintelligence spy operation against the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. These moves, in conjunction with a multiplicity of other plots, failed spectacularly with the president’s recent acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial. ##### Plots advanced by deceptive media narratives.

These failures, coupled with Avenatti’s conviction for real crimes, should serve as a cautionary tale for American journalists. They should pause before elevating the image of carnival-show freaks solely based on the intensity of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. With that in mind, our fake-news media should seriously contemplate the words of a fallen, creepy porn lawyer and former Democratic presidential contender: ##### “Just like all attorneys are not ethical, all journalists do not adhere to the requisite standards of journalism.”


*Top Image: CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks with attorney Michael Avenatti. CNN screen capture.*