Polestar teases high-tech, all-electric GT emblematic of brand's future

©Agence France-Presse

Polestar is previewing the Precept concept, a fully electric grand tourer "manifest[ing] the purest essence of Polestar" which will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

On Tuesday, Polestar announced a concept car that not only represents the brand as it is today but also its vehicle aspirations, technological ambitions and sustainability intentions.

Precept, a name "chosen to emphasize the vehicle's role in setting out Polestar's intent as the contemporary electric performance brand," prefaces the company's future vehicle portfolio and the models' upcoming designs, performance specs, technological smarts, and eco-friendliness.

Company CEO Thomas Ingenlath states that this "car is a response to the clear challenges our society and industry face. This is not a dream of a distant future, Polestar Precept previews future vehicles and shows how we will apply innovation to minimize our environmental impact."

The model created to encapsulate all these visions has been designed with aerodynamic efficiency and technological performance in mind; the 3.1-meter wheelbase is low and supports a sizable battery pack. Behind the area where the front grille would normally be located is a collection of safety sensor and driver assistance technologies which are supported and complemented by a LIDAR pod located on the vehicle's glass roof.

Both side mirrors have been replaced by camera apparatuses, and the rearview mirror has been replaced with a digital screen that displays feed from a camera mounted on the car's rear. The digitized cabin features a 15-inch center touchscreen, a 12.5-inch driver display and a series of smart sensors that do everything from track a driver's alertness to increase the usability of the infotainment system while on the move.

On the inside, various components like the seatbacks, side panels and headrests are made from flax-based composites, recycled cork or reclaimed fishing nets to "balance modern high-tech luxury with reduced environmental impact."

The Polestar Precept concept will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show from March 5 to 15.