Trump goes golfing again after renewing feuds with Columbia over coronavirus study — and Jeff Sessions

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The golfer-in-chief hit the links for a second straight day Sunday even as the nation faces a grim Memorial Day with the coronavirus death toll at close to 100,000.

President Trump headed back to his golf club in northern Virginia in another signal that he is seeking to return to his pre-pandemic weekend routine.

The jarring images of Trump taking swings came as the president slammed Columbia University for its study claiming 36,000 American lives were lost by the president’s decision to wait to start closing down the nation.

“Columbia University is a liberal, disgraceful institution, to write that,” Trump said. “They play right to their little group of people.”

Trump also defended his use of hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus in the interview on “In Focus with Sharyl Attkisson.”

Trump also defended his use of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine to ward off coronavirus in the interview on “Full Measure” with Sharyl Attkisson.

The president insists the drug is useful despite studies showing it causes higher death rates in COVID-19 patients.

“Hydroxy has had tremendous rave reviews,” Trump said in the interview, which was taped Friday. “I believe in it enough that I took (it).”

Trump also decided it was a good time to escalate his on-again off-again feud with fired ex-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

He said Sessions, whom he personally selected for the job, was not “mentally qualified” to be the nation’s top law enforcement official.

Trump and Sessions are trading barbs as the one-time #MAGA ally fights for his political life in a contentious Republican primary for his old U.S. Senate seat from Alabama.

Trump made the combative remarks on a weekend that should have been a somber time for the White House.

The Memorial Day holiday is usually marked by ceremonies honoring those that died on the nation’s battlefields. But this year, America is also mourning the death of about 100,000 people in the coronavirus pandemic.


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