Coronavirus: The questions asked most often worldwide over three months

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Over the past three months, the highest-trending question asked across the world regarding COVID-19 on Google Search was "What is coronavirus?"

The following are the highest-trending queries asked worldwide in Google Search about COVID-19 over the past three months: 

What is coronavirus?

The World Health Organization states that COVID-19 is "an infectious disease" which induces "mild to moderate respiratory illness." The virus that causes the disease is called SARS-CoV-2, or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

How many people have died from coronavirus?

According to The New York Times, as of Monday at 2:03 am ET, about 371,695 people have died worldwide from COVID-19.

Is coronavirus airborne?

The WHO states that "airborne transmission may be possible in specific circumstances and settings in which procedures or support treatments that generate aerosols are performed;" however, droplet transmission -- which occurs when someone inhales small droplets produced by someone with COVID-19 coughing or sneezing --  is much more common.

How did the coronavirus start?

COVID-19 is an illness caused by a coronavirus which, according to the CDC, "are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals." Even so, the WHO states that the origin is still unknown though it "most probably has its ecological reservoir in bats." The theory accepted by the organization is that the virus was transmitted from a wild animal to one that humans are more likely to be in direct contact with -- "this could be a domestic animal, a wild animal, or a domesticated wild animal and, as of yet, has not been identified."

When will coronavirus end?

As reported by CNN, the White House is referring to a coronavirus lifetime model that suggests the outbreak will "peter out" this month; however, many experts believe that there is a strong likelihood that there will be a grave resurgence of the disease over the summer.