Zero Waste Cities: Zhejiang to explore pan-provincial waste reduction plan

©In Zhejiang

On June 8, according to the Working Plan of "Zero Waste City" Construction in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") issued by the Zhejiang provincial government, all cities, districts and 50% of counties in Zhejiang will complete the construction of "Zero Waste City" in 8 perspectives including no growth of waste and zero waste of resources by the end of 2023.

Instead of avoiding all the solid wastes, "Zero Waste City" aims to keep it to the minimum amount in a safe way while taking full advantage of the resources. The release of the “plan” marks that Zhejiang has become the first province in China to deploy and carry out the construction of "Zero Waste City" in the name of the provincial government.

"Actually, Zhejiang enjoys a good foundation for the construction of “Zero Waste City" in the whole region." The person in charge of the Department of Ecology and Environment said that Zhejiang never stopped exploring and practicing in the solid waste disposal and utilization.

Full coverage and full access, the important contents of the “plan”, embody the distinct Zhejiang character. According to the person in charge of the Department of Ecology and Environment, in the “plan”, solid wastes from different sources are classified by their composition and characteristics, so that different treatments for each type of solid waste can be arranged correspondingly. Moreover, to realize “all-access” to solid waste disposal, clear management is required in solid wastes generation, collection, transfer, utilization, and disposal.

(Compiled and translated by Xu Yuhong)