【MLB】ヤ軍コール、第一子となる長男誕生でメロメロ 「ずっと見つめ続けてしまう」


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Long before I thought about becoming a mom, I couldn’t help but picture you as a dad and how you’d shine in that role. Seeing the way you bring out genuine smiles from every kid you come across makes my heart swell. I hope our son has your same passion for life, for learning, for choosing growth over staying inside your comfort zone. I hope he wears his heart on his sleeve and loves making his friends and family smile like you do. Whether it’s with your singing voice, piano skills, or your next level, like get-this-guy-on-the-Food-Network-immediately, cooking skills…. I pray our son brings as much joy to the world as you do. I can’t wait to watch you take on this new role as a dad, anyyyyyy day now. Happy Father’s Day, my love.

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