Spaniard President informs the King of the evolution of COVID-19

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Spain's King Felipe VI welcomes Spain's President President Pedro Sánchez to the Royal Palace

Spain's President Pedro Sánchez, early Wednesday morning met with King Felipe VI at Marivent Palace in Palma (Majorca) Spain, where they held the traditional summer meeting about the health emergency, the evolution of COVID-19 in Spain and in the rest of the world, as well as the social and economic emergencies stemming from COVID-19 in the sectors hardest hit by the shutdown in economic activity, some of them with a significant weight in the Balearic Islands and in the Canary Islands.

The institutional architecture the country must offer solutions, which is what people expect from their public representatives, who must offer a horizon of confidence to all Spanish people, and guarantee the necessary institutional stability to address the true challenges facing our society, particularly associated with the health, social and economic emergency stemming from COVID-19.

"The more adverse the situation, the more extraordinarily complex is the situation stemming from the health emergency, and the more important the smooth functioning of public institutions becomes". *aid Sanchez*

In general, Spaniards have been very supportive of the manner in which their government has been navigating through the Pandemic. This show of approval should not be understated as the majority of the country has been at odds with the Sanchez administration on a multitude of socioeconomic issues.

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