Katie Price loses half a stone as she recovers from foot injuries

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Katie Price has lost half a stone as she recovers from her foot injuries.

The 42-year-old star broke her feet in a harrowing accident whilst on holiday in Turkey and her pain has been so bad that she has struggled to eat.

A source said: "Katie's on all these pain medications but she just can't sleep she's in so much pain. She's gone off her food, which is unlike her, and has lost half a stone since the operation. She was already tiny, so everyone's trying to tempt her into eating again as she can't lose much more."

A spokesperson for Katie added to The Sun Online: "Katie is certainly feeling exhausted after her most recent surgery - not being able to fend for herself and indeed prepare her own meals has had an impact on her weight, Katie has had an awful lot to deal with these past weeks. With rehabilitation commencing soon and planned nutritional balanced meals Katie will be back to fighting weight soon. Katie is already showing signs of a steady recovery."

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Katie was left "terrified" after doctors told her she could "lose a leg" if she doesn't take recovery seriously.

An insider said: "Katie's doctors have warned her she must take her recovery seriously and it's left her terrified. She's prone to getting infections after operations, and her surgeon says she could lose a leg if her feet get infected. She'll have to be so, so careful - she'll have medical professionals on call 24/7 - and change the dressings regularly. She's got a long road ahead of her."

It had been claimed that Katie - who was in Turkey with her boyfriend Carl Woods, and two of her five children, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, when she injured herself - could spend up to two years recovering from her injuries, and won't be back on her feet until at least 2021.