Pro-Trump boats take on water during Texas lake parade

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Bob Daemmrich/Zuma Press/TNS

AUSTIN, Texas — Multiple boats participating in a pro-Trump parade on Lake Travis on Saturday took on water and required help from authorities.

No one was seriously injured, according to law enforcement officers who were at the lake.

The lake west of Austin is known for being difficult to navigate at times, and large wakes could be seen during Saturday’s boat parade in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

Numerous boat parades have been held by Trump supporters around the nation, and Saturday’s event on Lake Travis drew hundreds.

It was not the first time that the boat parades have turned dangerous. In Portland, Oregon, a boat on the Willamette River sank last month as a Trump boat parade passed by.

In recent months, Trump supporters who own boats across the country have been meeting up to hold large political rallies on water.

Pacey Chynow, who began organizing a similar gathering for people in the area around June, said the Facebook page for the event has garnered more than 7,000 responses.

“I never anticipated it becoming as big as it is. This is the silent majority and the people here speaking,” Chynow said. “I figured we would have about a hundred boats. Next thing you know, you have somebody saying ‘Hey I have a helicopter,’ and ‘Hey I’m a jumper and I think I can get four to five other jumpers.’”

Chynow said the parade was expected to feature multiple airplane flyovers, as well as skydivers and a special performance of the national anthem.

She added that anyone in the community who wants to participate in the parade is welcome to do so.

Chynow said law enforcement in the area have been notified of the event, and added that she expects the parade rally to be a peaceful, fun time for those looking to celebrate during the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Chynow said the intention of the event is not to raise money, though people have made donations to fund some of the features of the parade. She added that the event is an example of people in the community coming together and expressing what they believe in.

“My motivation, my true motivation for doing this is that I have a child, and I am fighting for her. This is my way of saying this is the future that I want for her to inherit,” Chynow said.


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