Ghinger Healthcare App Launched

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A new web/mobile platform which enables subscribers gain access to healthcare remotely and conveniently has been launched.

The website is to help enhance convenience in the pursuit of healthcare and wellbeing.

The platform, Ghinger, enables a subscriber to access a range of healthcare services including booking appointment at any partner hospital, ordering medication, requesting laboratory examination, and getting a personal doctor and medication refills.

Ghinger also enables subscribers to have a video consultation with a doctor at the clients preferred time and have a doctor or nurse come to the house to provide medical care for the elderly on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Chief Executive Officer of Ghinger, Dr. Koby Appiah Sakyi, said Ghinger do not only seek to bridge the gap of accessibility of health service but also to help health professionals reach out to a large number of people who might not have the luxury of visiting clinics regularly for on-going care.

He said together with its partners, Devdex Software Inc. and Britannia Medical Center, the App will help eliminate the hurdles that people face with the time consuming nature of the typical hospital system in Ghana.

“We set up partnerships with existing hospitals to improve access through the use of mobile platform, providing easy, quick and convenient access to clinical service for clients,” he said.

The Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Yaw Kusi also noted that Ghinger holds itself to strict ethical standards and ensures that fair business practice is demonstrated in all aspect of work.

He added that health professionals who become partners can provide their expertise to more patients over a larger catchment area while increasing their income.

“We focus on training all our employees and health professionals to adhere to these standards and collect feedback from customers at all times to ensure satisfactory service,” he said.

“So we encourage the public to go on the Play Store or the Apple Store to download the Ghinger App and register to gain access to convenient and quality healthcare services,” he added.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri