Giannis Antetokounmpo Instagram unfollow spree sparks trade speculations

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Instagram unfollow spree sparks trade speculations

Luisa Morales

( – September 13, 2020 – 3:34pm

MANILA, Philippines — Just days after the Milwaukee Bucks were ousted from the NBA playoffs, speculations regarding Giannis Antetokounmpo’s future with the team is already in question.

Although Antetokounmpo denied requesting for a trade in the offseason, fans are beginning to suspect after social media events during the weekend.

The reigning MVP went on an unfollow spree on social media application Instagram, where he allegedly unfollowed all of his teammates, excluding his brother Thanasis on the platform.

He also unfollowed the official account of the Bucks.

But the star’s unfollow spree may not be related to the team at all — he purged almost all his Instagram following, save for eight accounts of family members.

The only accounts the star is now following on Instagram are those of his brothers Thanasis, Kostas, Ofili and Alex; his mother Vero-Charles, an account for his dog Mila, his and his brothers’ Youtube channel AntetokounBrosTV, and his girlfriend Mariah’s lifestyle blog.

While unfollowing his teammates on the social media platform may not be a definite indication of his future with the team, fans couldn’t help but speculate.

A number of Twitter users took Antetokounmpo’s recent action as a sign that he may be headed to another team, with fans offering spots on the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat, and the Toronto Raptors.

Giannis just unfollowed all of his teammates on instagram, and the Bucks.

We’re in the endgame.

— Bobby ?? (@IceBobbyy) September 12, 2020

Giannis unfollowed all of his teammates…..Miami szn?

— mink flow (@currypiston) September 12, 2020

Internet: Giannis unfollowed everyone on his IG.

Masai sends text to Giannis:

— BEAN ???????????? (@MGRADS) September 12, 2020

Meanwhile, another fan compared his actions on Instagram to his initial statement after the Bucks lost the series vs the Heat.

Giannis three days ago vs. Giannis today:

— Josh Eberley???????? (@JoshEberley) September 12, 2020

“It’s not happening. That’s not happening,” Antetokounmpo told Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Haynes of a possible exit from Milwaukee.

“Some see a wall and go in [another direction]. I plow through it. We just have to get better as a team, individually and get right back at it next season,” he said.

While the unfollow spree may just be the Defensive Player of the Year’s way of limiting his social media circle and in no way related to his intentions in the offseason, the possibility of a star like Antetokounmpo up for grabs is just too good for the rumor mill.