‘Ganna Ape De’ awarded to Ebony Holdings | Daily FT

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Mawbima Lanka Foundation Board Director Dr. Sumith Wanniarachi presenting the certification to Ebony Holdings Chairman Rasmi Raheem and to Managing Director Raseen Raheem

Ebony Holdings Ltd. and its premium menswear fashion labels Vantage, Ebony & Luxure were recently awarded the ‘Ganna Ape De’ accreditation and utilisation of the Suriya Sinha logo in their products, recognising that they are a 100% Sri Lankan brand. This trademark conveys the message that the company’s production and consumption will contribute towards building the national economy.

The accreditation ceremony was held at Golden Crown Hotel, Kandy on 29 August where Mawbima Lanka Foundation Board Director Dr. Sumith Wanniarachi presented the certification to Ebony Holdings Chairman Rasmi Raheem and to Managing Director Raseen Raheem.

Awarded to companies or products after in depth evaluation, the accreditation is based on the contribution made towards the vision of creating a sustainable national economy. Hoping to encourage producers or manufacturers to utilise the resources available in the country, Mawbima Lanka Foundation aims to promote a consumption culture that prioritises locally made products against imported substitutes.

In a world affected by an ongoing pandemic, one realises the importance of a country being self-sustained. The vulnerability of the national and global supply chain has been made evident over the last few months, and as a country, it is important that consumers and stakeholders do what they can to improve the national economy.

Mawbima Lanka Foundation is committed to creating awareness among Sri Lankan people for the usage of locally manufactured products and services. By recognising brands that are truly Sri Lankan, they hope to instil a sense of patriotism and pride when supporting local brands.

A leading Sri Lankan clothing manufacturer, Ebony Holdings is committed to setting the latest trends in men’s fashion. The company has a portfolio of dynamic labels that promise the highest quality when it comes to apparel, including its premium label Vantage.

Having been in operation for a period spanning over two decades, the company has grown with time. There have been continuous additions to the comprehensive portfolio of brands they represent. The introduction of a collection of men’s fashion, which is on par with international standards set the benchmark for other local manufacturers. The collection includes shirts, trousers, and innerwear, appealing to the fashion-conscious individual who craves luxury and comfort without compromise.

Today, an established player in the market, Ebony Holdings aspires to a future of limitless potential and possibility as a future-ready enterprise with great promise. As a 100% Sri Lankan owned brand that is available for consumption by the locals, it has helped make a difference in saving the plummeting economy by providing more than 2,000 jobs.