Charlie Puth recalls being star-struck by Harry Styles

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Charlie Puth was star-struck by Harry Styles.

The 28-year-old star spotted Harry at Sushi Park on Sunset Boulevard, California, in 2014 when he was signing his record deal and was completely overwhelmed.

Asked about the first time he was star-struck, Charlie told British GQ: "It was in 2014. I went to this place called Sushi Park and Harry Styles came in wearing this very large hat, with my now-friend Jeff Azoff, who I didn't know at the time."

And Charlie revealed he was so excited to see Harry that he tweeted the One Direction star's location, leading to an influx of fans and paparazzi.

He explained: "Like a buffoon I tweeted, 'So cool, I'm in LA, I signed my deal and now I see Harry Styles at dinner!' thinking that nothing would happen, then suddenly 15 people were outside the restaurant waiting for him."

Charlie was embarrassed by the fuss he caused but explained that Harry saw the funny side.

He said: "I was really embarrassed, he cheekily followed me after as a kind of 'F you'."