Now that the votes counted!

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Congratulations to the great people of Edo State who have once again, had their say in deciding their leader, congratulations to the serving Governor of Edo State, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki on the victory of your election into Office for the second term. This is by far the most strenuous and deserving journey, as you were made to go through the mill to convince the people of what you can and have achieved in Office. It will be noted that this has also brought out the politician in you; some have always been career politicians while you have learnt on the job. Congratulations to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who showed that we can expect a free and fair Election from him come 2023. Congratulations to the teaming actors in the political arena who put in their work and worth with time and sweat to have the people’s voice prevail. Well-done to all and sundry!

Now that the work has been done, the work to be done has just commenced; Mr. Governor you need to ensure that (1) the people’s dethronement of a “godfather” does not become your enthronement as one. (2) The mandate given to you is not taken for granted since it is your second and last tenure in office as a Governor. (3) That your MEGA manifesto is followed to the letter because posterity will judge you based on this. You have seen how the people can turn against a son that refuses to acknowledge their common interest. It is clear to me that your time has steered up a renewed thinking within the political architecture of governance as well as the direction the state affairs is expected to take henceforth.

You have undoubtedly demonstrated that politics is not business as usual and the role of thugs and touts should be drastically reduced to the barest minimum while intellectuals are allowed to stir up ideas in guiding the people to their prosperity and social economic safety. This as you know comes with renewed challenge as the cost of the electioneering battle will impact on the war of benefit to the people. The stake has never been higher for you – with the turn of events – which will manifest in the coming months, as interests and gratifications mount from your new found partners.

It is on this backdrop that the people of Edo State will ever demand that they come first as always; the sympathy of your victory is that you choose them first and that choice must continue in the light of the aforementioned. We will ensure that we protect the mandate we gave you from being hijacked or misrepresented. We will ensure that the works you have started are continued and surpassed, we will demand that you look closely into the concern of the people by looking inward for proficiency and engagement.

Four years has been enough for you to look closely at the capacity of the people and ensure that they come first in engagement. During the last few months, we have seen a different side of you, we have seen the dexterous side that wanted to win an election against all odds by truly placing your destiny in the hands of your people – renouncing the political infrastructure and mechanism that brought you into power in your first term – and the people did not fail you; it is only natural to expect you do not fail them now that their destiny is in your hands within the next four years.

Many things were in contention with you, not the support that the masses had for you, it was sure and unadulterated as can be imagined; you are seen as a true hero and a lasting hope, we will ensure that you do not dash that hope of that petty trader at Oba Market for a better tomorrow. Like the family you are from, the Obaseki’s have been known over the centuries to defend the course of the common man. You must reflect that heritage. We as a people have high hopes for you in the next four years, expecting that this will be the foundation that will birth the revival of Edo as a state and as a people; which is the true mandate that the people voted for. A belief that their tomorrow will bring them joy and prosperity, that their children will have a life better than theirs, that the land will flourish again; in spite of the struggles that have bedeviled them over the decades. They have always seen themselves taking the front seat when progress and development are mentioned, “Edo odion” it is believed that you’re here to make all this happen.

The good people of the state, home and abroad appreciate your victory and expect you to deliver on your many promises as the slate is out to tick the items you pledged in the MEGA manifesto. It is worth knowing that this is a golden opportunity for you to inscribe your worth in the hearts of Edo people and print your name in the sands of time. This we believe would be made possible by your able team led by Mr. Phillip Shaibu.

“Nedo ghama ma ye” We are all for the betterment of Edo.

Congratulations once again!