US election 2020 Arab-American perspectives: Tell us your story

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With less than three weeks left to Election Day, The New Arab is soliciting paid written or multimedia contributions from Arab-Americans on issues that matter most to them.

Have your say today, drop us a line now at

with subject #election2020 or message us on Signal/WhatsApp +447709745281 and we'll take it from there.

The New Arab is looking to publish full-length op-eds or up to 500 word blog submissions focusing on the stories and issues that matter to Arab-American voters as they head to the polls in what is set to be a historic election year.

Recognising the

growing influence

of Arab-American voters and candidates across electoral battlegrounds in the USA, The New Arab will also produce a pop-up newsletter, videos, podcast and a live webinar as part of its special coverage of the election and is looking to feature Arab-American voices in them, leading up to Election Day on 3 November, 2020.

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