Take A Drive-By Halloween Decoration Tour And Visit These Favorite Haunts

Instead of trick or treating, take a drive and tour terrific Halloween decorations from fanciful to fantastically gory. Here are some of our favorite Halloween haunts; remember to BYOC (bring your own candy).

Glen Ridge may not be hosting trick or treaters, but the borough has some great Halloween decorations. You won’t want to miss this Hillside Avenue home (located between Windsor Place and Washington Street).

Next, head over to Bloomfield, where skeletons are taking over this home at the corner of Linden Avenue and Clinton Street.

You’ll want to head next to 32 Clinton Street in Bloomfield, where Derek Bullard went all out this year to create a Halloween haunted house like no other.

32 Clinton Street by day

Bullard hand carved all the jack o’lanterns and crafted the tombstones by hand; he also created the barricaded windows to complete the spooky scene. Visitors who take an extra moment to read those tombstones will get treated to some fun movie references.

32 Clinton Street in Bloomfield at night.

If you like your Halloween decorations on the gory side, don’t miss the haunted houses of horror on Morse Avenue, between Carteret Street and Lenox Terrace, in Bloomfield.

Morse Avenue in Bloomfield

Head back to Montclair, where you’ll find this whimsically creepy display at 96 Union Street, complete with a horse-drawn hearse driven by a skeleton and a haunted playground.

Tell us the best Halloween decorations you’ve seen and where to find them.


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