How the world will change with a Joe Biden foreign policy

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With Fox News declaring Joe Biden the victor in this election, the next thought is how that outcome will affect American and world politics. Biden gave us a clue yesterday when he declared, “We’re not waiting to get the work done and start the process.” Biden claimed his victory as a “mandate for action,” citing the coronavirus, the economy, climate change, and systemic racism as what he intends to fix first.

This election’s results will have worldwide implications, that aren’t necessarily good for many who voted for the presumptive president.

For starters, Taiwan will now certainly fall to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

China owns Biden. We will never see any repercussions for Biden’s corruption in his dealings with the CCP; however, those shenanigans will shape America’s foreign policy for the next four years. Those trade deals that President Trump agreed to with China, that more fairly equalized imports and exports, will disappear at noon on January 20th, if Fox News is correct in their predictions.

The reversal of trade from China to America will impact American jobs

Especially those in manufacturing. You remember, those jobs Obama/Biden said would never return. But under President Trump, those jobs did return to our shores and reversed the lives of many in the rust belt. Many in that rust belt that benefitted from those Trump renewed jobs, just voted for Biden. When their jobs return to China, under Biden, they may remember why Trump was elected in the first place. Biden will have to revise Trump’s trade agreements with China. For obvious reasons.

Media declares President-Elect Biden: A “dark winter” is coming

Biden also owes much of his fortune, and this election, to George Soros.

Soros is a globalist multi-billionaire who will expect a return on his money from the investment he made in Biden to become President. Worldwide commerce will flow to those companies that profit from trade with the United States.

Those that will make Soros, and his partners, more billions in profit.

Biden will make sure that trade goes to Soros owned companies. Of course, Soros companies will manufacture those items in their facilities, most of which are not on American soil. The products shipped overseas will collapse more jobs in America. Everything from low tech manufacturing to high tech, and service jobs, will again leave the U.S.

Many whose jobs will move to other nations, also voted for Biden.

It will, once again, cause the middle class to suffer, and slowly vanish. You remember, just like happened under Obama/Biden. Which will make the socialist/Marxist/communist (who call themselves progressives) very happy.

Universal suffering, except for their political elite, is what progressivism is all about. No middle class is allowed.
Progressives were also very active in supporting Biden.

He owes this presumptive win to them, as well. He will be expected to pander to their wild demands, like defunding police, punishing Trump and his supporters, stacking the courts, a green agenda that kills jobs, and ending systemic racism. Nothing he supports helps most Americans, are job killers, but that will be remedied by his promised tax hikes.

If the Senate falls to Democrats, there will be nothing to stop him from doing all of the above. This all hinges on the two Senatorial races in the rematch in Georgia. Republicans must win both next January.

Voter fraud may play out there as much as it has in the presidential race. With Democrats in charge of both the White House and the legislature, nothing can stop their progressive march.

On the plus side, we can expect some relative calm from all the riots and looting. Until the anarchist/Marxist/Socialist/communists don’t get their way as fast as they want to.

Then all hell will break loose and Biden will not have a clue how to handle it.

Remember he supports rioters over the police.

Many Biden supporters only voted for him because they wanted all this chaos and mayhem to end.

Democrats’ hatred of President Trump was the reason for the rioting and violence in the first place. Democrats supported it just to wear down many voters. It worked perfectly. Only they will be disappointed when the chaos does not stop.

Although not reported by the MSM, there are ongoing riots in Portland and Seattle. Biden’s victory means nothing to them. Once you unleash a vicious wild-dog it is hard to regain control of it again without getting bitten.

ANTIFA/BLM is that wild dog and they won’t simply stop their criminal behavior out of love for Joe.

The end of Peace in the Middle East

On the world stage, a Biden presidency means that the historic peace deals happening in the middle east, which no one has heard about because of the almost complete blackout on reporting by the MSM, may crumble before the ink is dry.

These historic peace treaties between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors was due, in part, because America had reined in Iran through economic sanctions and hardcore diplomacy. Under Biden that will be reversed as Iran will once again be empowered through the renewal of the Nuclear Arms Treaty, which allows them to produce nuclear weapons in just six years.

Its nuclear program never stopped, but Trump promised its neighbors that they would not develop nuclear capabilities, and trusting that promise, those peace accords became reality.

Waiting for the fat lady: Election 2020 – it isn’t over until its over

Joe will return to the Obama Middle East policies, you know the ones that empowered Iran over its neighbors, causing regional wars that spawned ISIS. Biden may even send more billions in cash to them in unmarked transports just to boost their economy that was destroyed by Trump.

In that way, Iran can again support its international terrorism, especially against America and Israel.

But, not to worry, because, with his new emphasis on the green new deal, we won’t need Middle Eastern oil, so their wars won’t affect us. Well, maybe they will, after all wars make trillions in profits for Soros and his ilk, so Joe will need to send troops into harm’s way to prop up the war machine.

Just like Hillary and Obama, Biden won’t ever stop finding wars to get into.

Oh well, who cares, the military only makes up 1% of the population. Hardly anything to worry about. But that military will not hinder China and her expansionist policies around the world. We already explained that the CCP has already bought and paid for Biden’s services. So Asia will be off-limits to our military.

It will leave our Asian partners, from Australia to Japan, to South Korea, on their own.

If Biden truly won this election, and we won’t know that for sure, unless you really believe the MSM, until all the court cases that Trump has begun, are litigated, the world has just dramatically changed.

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Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

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