YOURSAY | 'Freudian slip' over Kamala Harris reveals racist stereotypes

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YOURSAY | ‘The narrative is that all Indians and Chinese in this country will always be ‘pendatang’.’

TV3 apologises for calling Kamala Harris daughter of 'illegal immigrant from India'

BusinessFirst: For some in this country, when someone like US Vice President-elect Kamala Devi Harris is elected to high office, they feel insecure.

Because there is a fear it would draw attention to the fact that in this land where “all are equal but some more equal than others”, if you tried to install an Indian or Chinese as deputy prime minister, there would be a hue and cry.

In fact, the appointment of a non-Malay finance minister and a non-Malay attorney-general in 2018 caused complaints about how the rights of some had been “challenged” and “undermined”.

So, when they see Kamala elected, their first reaction is “Alamak!”, which is oddly enough her name spelled backwards.

Perhaps it is a Freudian slip of sorts because, to some, an Indian woman cannot be anything other than some poor illegal immigrant as opposed to a highly intelligent scientist. It is not surprising since these types of role models do not seem to be promoted in Malaysia.

Well done, USA, for showing young girls that no matter whether Indian, Chinese, Malay, or indigenous, that the sky is the limit and do not think your role in life is to be a Doraemon, illegal immigrant or otherwise.

Gerard Lourdesamy: TV3 is like Fox News. Their narrative is that all Indians and Chinese in this country, even if here four or five generations, will always be regarded as ‘pendatang’.

Racial supremacy is their creed. Equal rights and equal treatment are viewed with disdain. Minorities must be viewed with suspicion and distrust. No wonder, we are a failed democracy.

I hope that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Devi Harris are circumspect in their dealings with the Malaysian government given that 30 percent of the population are effectively regarded as second-class citizens with truncated rights and freedoms that limits and restricts their participation in the public services, the public economy and public universities.

The ignorance of TV3 is evidence of the systemic racism in this country under the guise of constitutionalism and a questionable social construct. Of course, for saying this I will be asked to return to India.

Prominority: Kamala's mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a legitimate US citizen and worked as a cancer researcher in California. These are facts.

To spin it as Shyamala as a “pendatang tanpa izin dari India" (illegal immigrant from India) is mischievous reporting.

Kamala has proven that anyone born in the US (no matter what race) can be a potential president of that nation.

OceanMaster: Indeed, the news story and use of the term “illegal immigrant from India” is deliberate. There is no way they could have missed it.

As journalists and reporters of a national television channel, who we believe have the minimum competency and experience to choose the right words and fact check, it is obvious.

This is an act of malice and dabbles on pure racism. This incident should be investigated by the authorities and actions taken against the perpetrators. It is so shameful.

Dizzer: @OceanMaster, I agree and disagree. There's actus reus, but without the mens rea. To these people, using the word ‘pendatang’ is automatic - Kamala is Indian, therefore must be ‘pendatang’. She’s an immigrant, therefore she cannot be legal.

There's no malice in it. It's just an unthinking reflex driven into their consciousnesses since childhood. So, it was deliberate, but not deliberate, if you get my drift.

Also, I wouldn't want this “investigated by the authorities” who are the real originators, instigators, and perpetuators of all this nonsense.

Quigonbond: Was it really unintentional? Kamala is a threat to male/Malay/Muslim sexist/racist/religious politics of Malaysia.

Imagine if she visits Malaysia, what would old geezers in Umno and PAS say that does not come across as forked tongue.

Beman: It looks like in the mind of some people all immigrants are illegal.

Even if an immigrant goes to a country illegally, any civilised country should recognise that his or her children born in the country should have a place under the sun and should not be penalised for the sins of the parent.

MS: As I said some time ago. reading the various news reports (and now this latest TV3 newscast) about Kamala Harris and all that she has achieved in multiracial America triggers the comparison of her story with what happened in another multiracial country when a Lim Guan Eng was made finance minister and a Tommy Thomas was appointed attorney-general.

The crude, uncivilised reaction of Malay politicians and their unschooled followers nailed the myth about tolerance while burying its multiracial branding for good.

If the gang now in power had its way, it would do everything to erase the country's multicultural past, cease even the pretence of acceptance to establish its supremacy in everything inconsequential to nation building - love of ostentation, crude demonstrations of power, fear mongering and fake religiosity perched like an ill-fitting toupee on a bald pate.

And if you think that is an exaggeration, consider the overt racism embedded in the self-serving "Budget".

Where will the failed TV3 be if it doesn't remind Malaysians that it is staffed by semi-literates whose only qualification to be there is mind-boggling stupidity anchored in ‘ketuanan’ crassness?

Newday: @MS, Jasa (Special Affairs Department) will come to the rescue. Now I know what the RM85.5 million is for – it’s to fix all the other communication stuff-ups.

Why did they not say so? All the issues around Jasa could have been resolved easily.

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