One-week sale: Hong Kong Free Press mugs return with ‘Press For Freedom’ design by Badiucao

©Hong Kong Free Press

The Hong Kong Free Press merchandise store has reopened for a one-week sale, with all profits going to support our operations.

Tastes like press freedom.

The mugs include a “press for freedom” design by Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao and make for an ideal Christmas gift.

Yours with a minimum HK$200 donation to HKFP here20 per cent off our summer pricing.

Badiucao. Photo: China’s Artful Dissident.

HKFP’s mugs were printed in Hong Kong after our tote bags were held up in China over “sensitive” wording.

Free P&P to Hong Kong; sorry, no int’l shipping. Allow up to 30 days for local delivery. Profits support HKFP. Apologies – all other items are out of stock.

Enter the online store here.