Thais hope new US President to be good leader: Suan Dusit Poll

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Most of Thai people have closely followed the presidential election in the United States and hope whoever is new President would be a good leader of his country and the world, according to an opinion survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted online on Nov 13-18 on 1,038 people throughout the country.

A majority, 89.98%, were interested – 58.38% moderately and 31.60% highly – in the US presidential election and followed up the election news, and 10.02% were not interested.

When asked why the US presidential election was interesting to them, with respondents allowed to give more than one answer, 73.80% said the election has much impact on the world economy; 60.75% said the US is a world superpower; and, 49.17% said they wanted to know who would be the winner.

Asked what they thought the Thai economy would be after the US presidential election, 48.36% thought it would be better; 47.11% believed it would be the same; and, 4.53% thought it would be worse.

Asked what from the US presidential election could apply to Thai politics and society, with respondents allowed to give more than one answer, 60.84% pointed to the election of a country’s leader by the people; 56.74% the people’s high awareness to exercise the right to vote; and, 53.42% the democratic system.

Lastly, most of the respondents – 64.73% – wanted whoever is the new US President to be a good leader of his country and the world; 61.48% wanted him to forge friendship and good relations with other countries; and, 57.73% wanted him to refrain from taking advantage of and suppressing other countries while adhering to the human right principles.