Paranoia or real threat? Pampanga scion again claims unknown men may be out to kill him

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ANGELES CITY—The scion of a landed gentry here has again sounded the alarm, claiming that the threat against his life based on recent events is still very imminent.

Jeffrey S. Dizon, 48, who on March 7 has offered a reward of P3 million to anyone who can provide the identity and information leading to the arrest of an alleged sniper in an apparent attempt on his life on March 3, said on Friday that he is again being tailed by unidentified persons.

Dizon said sometime in April, while he was with his daughter Ma. Michaela at the Watsons store inside SM City Clark, he noticed a man with brown complexion wearing short pants who kept on following them but did not buy anything.

Dizon said after leaving the Watsons store, they went to the Hypermarket and again saw the same man who also did not buy anything which prompted them to leave immediately.

He said he reported the incident to the police.

Then again just recently on November 7, at around 6:20 to 7 in the evening at the SM City Clark, while Dizon was again with his daughter Michaela and an assistant he identified as Mario B. Mallari eating inside the Champas Mexican restaurant, they noticed a couple who sat near their table and began taking pictures and videos of them. “We were alarmed,” Dizon said.

But instead of confronting them, he said, he was adviced by his daughter to just leave to avoid them. So, they stayed near the exit of the mall where they clearly saw one of the couple, the man who was earlier taking pictures and videos of them, follow them. But when he saw them just standing near the exit of the mall, the man went back inside the restaurant. “It was clear that he was following us…,” Dizon said.

Because of these incidents, Dizon said he again fears for this life and that of his family.

In a news statement, Dizon said he is a shareholder and director, together with his siblings he identified as City of San Fernando Councilor Celestino S. Dizon, Erwin S. Dizon, and Lea D. Angeles, and his mother Ludivina, in a family corporation connected with several real-estate projects in Pampanga and this city.

Dizon is the eldest among the siblings of the late Tomas D. Dizon and one of the heirs of vast estate holdings here and in the rest of Pampanga estimated to be worth billions of pesos.

In March this year just before the lockdown due to the pandemic, Dizon called a news conference where he offered the P3-million reward money for any information leading to the arrest of the alleged sniper in an alleged attempt on his life.

Dizon said apparently an unknown gunman shot him but missed and instead, hit the concrete wall near where he was standing.

Later, he said, it was determined by the police investigation that the shot came from across the street and he was clearly the target. But the gunman missed because Dizon was moving around at the time of the shooting.

He said he also discovered three other bullet marks on the walls that came from a sniper rifle. Dizon still has no suspect or suspects.