SL has proud history of democracy, Lankan envoy tells Irish Times | Daily FT

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Following is a response to Irish Times by Sri Lanka High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena.

Sir, I write with reference to the article ‘Republican ‘fear of Donald Trump’ undermining US democracy, Democrats say’ (World, November 12th).

The above article cites a statement by Ireland former President and Elders chair Mary Robinson: “It is shocking to have to raise concerns about US democratic processes as The Elders have previously commented on volatile and undemocratic situations in states such as Kenya, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.”

I wish to state that Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s oldest and uninterrupted democracies where universal suffrage was granted in 1931. Successive governments in Sri Lanka have always been elected democratically at elections held in a timely manner and subsequent transfer of power has always been swift, smooth, and peaceful.

There has never been a situation in Sri Lanka’s electoral history where a party or person voted out at elections refusing to accept the people’s verdict. Mrs Robinson’s reference to Sri Lanka is inaccurate and unacceptable.