Leave Polling Stations After Voting

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The IGP commissions Yamfo District Police Command

THE INSPECTOR General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh, has urged Ghanaians who will be casting their votes on December 7 to leave the polling stations immediately after voting.

According to him, this is to help avoid overcrowding and unnecessary arguments which may affect the voting process, noting that voters could come back to the polling stations after 5:00 pm when polling is closed.

“Ours is to ensure strict security and we are going to enforce the law before, during and after the elections,” the IGP warned, whilst commissioning a new district police quarters at Yamfo in Tano South District of Ahafo Region last Friday.

Mr. Oppong-Boanuh indicated that the security forces, including personnel of the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Armed Forces, would be ruthless in dealing with people who would foment trouble on the day of elections.

“We don’t support any party and I pledge on behalf of all security agents in the country that we are going ensure peaceful election,” he stressed.

He continued that “election is about context of ideas and not about fight, throwing of stones or brandishing of cutlasses and sticks. If you feel aggrieved or there is something you don’t understand, report to the law enforcement agents or appropriate agencies for redress and the law will take its course.”

The IGP also elevated the Yamfo District Police Command to a divisional status and directed that logistics and personnel be sent there to reflect its current status.

He donated a computer and a motorbike to the new divisional headquarters office.

Until its elevation, the Yamfo District Police Command was under Duayaw-Nkwanta Divisional Police Command.

He called on the people in the area to assist the police in carrying their lawful duties in protecting life and property.

From Daniel Dayee, Yamfo