Being A Movie Producer Without A Solid Backup Is Very Hard —Actor, Oseni Aremu

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He started acting professionally in 2011, Oseni Samson Aremu who is in his early 30s, is also a movie producer and hails from Igbo Ora in Oyo state. The Lagos State-born actor in this interview by FEMI OGUNTAYO talks about his acting career and the challenges faced on the job. Excepts:

What is your educational background?

I had my primary and secondary school education in Lagos State, before I went into vocational work, because my parents couldn’t fund my education. So, I couldn’t study further.

How and why did you join the acting industry?

I joined the industry back in 2011; I had loved acting right from my younger days. So, there was a day I was on my way to Sango, and I saw Mr. Afeez Abiodun, then I explained to him my interest in acting, he told me to see him in his office. I later went to his office, the rest, they say, is history today.

What is your strength as an actor?

Being an actor, there are various things that I do that show my distinctiveness. I started with acting the role of a gatekeeper in movies, and I gave it my best whenever I was on set. Also, the fact that I can switch dialects like Egba and normal Yoruba distinguishes me.

Who are your mentors in the Nigerian movie industry?

Everyone in the industry who is hardworking is my mentor. Anyone who realises acting is a job and not a child’s play is my mentor, because they give me vibes of a better tomorrow.

As a movie producer, how do you cope with challenges faced in the area of raising funds for your movies?

Being a movie producer without a solid backup is very hard, I must confess. The stress of getting money, either by borrowing or working for it, especially when you don’t come from a rich family, is hard. But because we have that passion and interest in it, we don’t have any choice than to struggle for it because we know it’s going to come out real one day.

What are other challenges you face as an actor and a producer?

There are other challenges like the time it takes for a movie to be released by a marketer. Sometimes, it takes around six to seven months and it is when a movie is released that we can realise the money spent on those movies. As an upcoming actor, it also takes time to gain that popularity, there are several insults and humiliations one experiences, either from one’s peers or even those one looks up to, but just because of the passion, we keep going.

Tell us about your debut movie ‘Lisa’ and what distinguishes it?

My debut movie ‘Lisa’ is a crime story, but the story is different because it tells a story of how a prophecy led to the birth of a powerful child but unfortunately, he misused the divine power he had and he was killed eventually. Anyway, I love crime-related stories.

Do you see yourself more as an actor than a movie producer?

Just like a coin, I am of both sides, because it’s good for an actor to also be a regular producer, not just for himself but for the people around him. When we think of the present, we should also think of the future too.

Are you into acting to make money or just for the passion?

Truth be told, passion without money will only attract compassion from people who really don’t have something tangible to offer. So I desire both.

Would you say the acting profession is a profitable one?

Yes, of course, it is profitable, with God’s involvement.

What is your greatest achievement on this job?

My greatest achievements are yet to come, but I can say, I really thank God for my first ever movie – Lisa

What are your greatest fears?

Losing my position in God’s presence and in heaven are my greatest fears.

What do you have in stock for your fans as the year runs out?

My fans should expect the best of me and from me. God bless them all.