King's palace in Spain uses Israeli tech to purify air from COVID-19

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Palace of Zarzuela, Madrid (photo credit: AURA AIR)

Madrid's Palace of Zarzuela, in which the King of Spain welcomes foreign guests and holds government meetings, has incorporated Israeli technology that purifies the air tainted by coronavirus.
Aura Air, founded by brothers Aviad and Elder Schneiderman, is the company behind the technology. The system installed in the palace make it possible to monitor, analyze, and purify the air in order to provide King Felipe VI and his guests with a safe, clean environment.
Sensors examine the particles in the air, as well as temperature, humidity, the amount of carbon dioxide, organic gases, and more. When the sensors detect unusual phenomena or a dangerous increase in pollution, the system creates a complete turnover of the air at an average rate of 2.5 times per hours in order to purify it.
A study conducted at Sheba Hospital determined that the system has the ability to destroy various viruses, including coronavirus at a rate of 99.9%.
Aura Air's system measures the air inside and outside the room in real-time, offering recommendations and insights regarding air quality management. Additionally, the system can predict future scenarios regarding hazards or air quality problems. For example, it detects a fire in a room even before there is smoke by detecting a high level of burnt plastic molecules and carbon dioxide.
AI Electronics is responsible for manufacturing Aura Air in Israel in collaboration with Beit El Industries.
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