'Blue Fire': You haven't jumped this much since playing 'Super Mario'

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'Blue Fire' - Huge, terrifying jumps are a central part of "Blue Fire", which may remind you of "Super Mario" with its sheer amount of jumping. - Graffiti Games/dpa

(dpa) — "Blue Fire" is a tough nut to crack. In this 3D action platformer the player takes on the role of a little ninja who has to battle ghosts, monsters, mutants, and demons. These all have one simple goal: kill the ninja (ie. you).

There's little time to catch your breath. If you are not busy fending off the demonic hordes of the dark realms of Penumbra and Void, you're tackling countless challenges such as reaching dizzyingly high platforms or avoiding obstacles like rotating saw blades, tongues of fire and spike traps.

Few games require quite as much jumping as this one and all of your lunges away from enemies and leaps over terrifying depths will remind you of the newer games in the "Super Mario" series.

You'll need to master the same jumping technique in which very high platforms can often only be reached if you quickly push off one wall to the vertical wall opposite.

This takes a bit of practice and you may just find yourself throwing the controller into a corner of the living room after the second fatal fall.

"Blue Fire" is available for the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and PCs and costs around 20 dollars.