Call Of Duty fans can spectate their enemies

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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' fans can now spectate their enemies.

A fan came across the spectator mode, which allows you to watch how the player who took you out is making their way through the map after killing you off.

You can also rotate the camera to allow you to see around the map nearby rather than just the perspective view that the person who is playing has.

It comes after Activision's lawyers ordered a 'Call of Duty: Warzone' stat tracking site to be shut down.

The creators of SBMM Warzone wrote at the time: "Activision’s lawyers reached out and asked us to shut down According to their ToS, we can’t use their API.

"We’ve tried to reach them multiple times to become Partners, now is our last shot. Anyone working at #Activision, please reach out ... We are Ben & Dav, two passionate WZ players. In 2020, David started a YouTube channel to help people improve their play ...

"In late-2020, we started SBMMWarzone. It’s been a thrilling experience. According to the letter we received, we have until Monday to comply. They want to guarantee their players’ privacy, which is great. But, by becoming partners, we could guarantee their privacy while giving the Warzone community the best stats it deserves. We’re eager to find a solution that suits everyone: Activision, the Warzone players, and us. Most of all, we certainly don’t want to let down the community that has come to rely on us for their Warzone match tracking. (sic)"