These new tech solutions will help you safeguard your electric bike

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Most of the latest models of electric bikes include one or several technological innovations to deter thieves. With bike thefts on the rise --  in New York (up 27 percent) and many other cities -- connected locks, audible alarms or built-in GPS are among the several systems on offer to help you protect your two-wheeler.

A chip to unlock your bike
One of the most reliable ways to protect your bike is to make it unusable. To do so, nothing beats a general locking system. In order to use a bike equipped with this system, you need to unlock it first with a NFC badge or a smartphone. Without this device, it's impossible to use your bike.

An alarm to scare thieves away
Another means to prevent theft is to equip your bike with an audible alarm. Several recent models of electric bikes feature a built-in system of this kind. As soon as the bike is moved, a loud alarm goes off.

GPS to track your bike
If your bike gets stolen nonetheless, there are ways to find it quickly. The best solution is the built-in GPS. Thanks to ac hip and a dedicated smartphone application, you can easily locate your two-wheeler.

A standalone connected lock
If your bike doesn't integrate one of these features, many can be added through a connected lock. These can be very useful for safeguarding expensive bikes without other anti-theft features. You need a smartphone and a dedicated app to unlock them. Note that some of these connected locks integrate an audible alarm as well as GPS, allowing you to find your bike if it has been moved.